diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

4 Incredibly Awesome And Unique Things To Do With Old Cars And Used Auto Parts

If you have an old car in the yard and are thinking about taking it to an auto salvage yard, wait just a minute. There are a lot of things that you can do around the house with the car itself and the parts off of it. Here are a just a few ideas to help get your imagination going:

1. Headboard Made Out of a Car Hood.

The hood of an old car makes the perfect headboard for your bed, or even your kid's bed. You can leave it its original faded color, or you can opt to give it a makeover with a new, shiny coat. Whatever you choose to do, consider making some built-in shelves behind the car hood to offer some unique storage space. It can be used to store books, knick-knacks and other small items. Depending on the height of the hood, you may need to build a wooden platform for the hood and shelves to be mounted to.

2. Paper and Note Holder Made Out of Coil Springs.

If you are tired of having an office desk piled over with paper and other items that make it difficult to find the important pieces you need, you may want to consider taking the coil springs from an old car and using them as a paper holder. The spaces between each of the coil rings can be used to file bills, invoices, etc. for easy finding and retrieval. If you don't want the rustic look of the coils, you can always paint them a color that will match the décor in your office.

3. Bird House Roof Made from a License Plate.

You and your kids have built this amazing bird house out of some stuff from around the house, but you haven't been able to find the perfect thing to use as the roof. You don't want a typical wood roof, you know that, but what could you use? Try an old license plate. It can be bent in the middle to serve as the perfect shape for your bird house's roof. You can even use some old nuts and washers from the car as decoration on the bird house.

4. Chicken Coop Made from an Entire Old Car.

Are you thinking about getting some chickens to take care of for the eggs and possibly meat processing? If so, they are going to need a home. An old car can be turned into the perfect chicken coop with some chicken wire. You will need to remove the doors and windows and replace them with the chicken wire. You will also need to remove the seats and other interior items so that the chickens have plenty of room to roam around. Make sure to put down plenty of hay in the interior of the car so that they'll be comfortable and have somewhere suitable to lay eggs.

Those are a few creative things you can do with an old car. If you don't have an old car hanging around on your property, you may want to seek out an auto salvage yard, like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc, and see what you can find. Remember, you don't have to buy the whole car, unless you just want it or need it for your DIY project.

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