diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

Places To Find Replacement Auto Parts For Your Car Or Truck

Cars, trucks, and SUVs will all eventually need replacement parts for some of the systems used in the vehicle. While some auto parts are easier to get, some are more challenging to find. However, there are some options to consider as you search for the auto parts you need. Large Parts Stores  Many different auto parts stores sell replacement parts, and larger chain stores carry a larger variety of auto parts, making them a good resource when you need a replacement part. Read More 

Why A Used Transmission May Be A Wise Investment

If the current transmission for your vehicle is worn out or past its prime, you shouldn't put off getting a transmission replacement so that you can continue to drive. You can choose to get a new transmission, or you may opt for a used one that still performs well and is able to meet your driving needs. Here are a few advantages that a used transmission may offer you. Easier on Your Budget Read More 

Stay Afloat By Keeping Your Boat’s Battery In Tiptop Shape

Just like your car, your boat needs a working battery to remain functional. Boat batteries are made to last a long time, but old age, improper care, and frequent use can deplete your battery's power faster. If you need to buy a new battery, you can browse through all the great selections of boat batteries that many suppliers carry to find something that will work with the type of boat that you have. Read More 

Why Go Through The Trouble Of Converting Front Brakes To Disc Brakes?

Older classic cars that have not been through a lot of upgrades often have front drum brakes. At the time the car was made, the drum brake was likely the best available, or at least the best available that also cost a reasonable amount of money at the time. Remember, what's classic now was once just a regular car, subject to regular budgets. Since then, however, the disc brake has taken over as the standard front brake in cars, and for good reason. Read More 

Time For The Scrapyard? Evaluating Your Car After An Accident

When you've got a new or expensive car, there's usually a predictable series of events following an accident. After handling the process of dealing with insurance, you typically get a check, repair your car, and go on your way. In some cases, the insurance company may decide that your car is a total write-off and simply cut you a check for its value. But, what happens when you drive an old car? Read More 

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diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

Alternators, batteries and starters are in every vehicle and can cause a lot of problems when they don't work right. Your car may not start or it may stop running while you are driving down the road if the alternator is bad. Unfortunately, figuring out which element is causing the problem is not always easy. This blog will teach you all about alternators, batteries and starters so you can learn how to test these elements and diagnose the problems that your vehicle is having before you find yourself stranded along the road in the middle of the night with nobody around to help.