diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

Save Money And The Earth By Utilizing These Used Car Parts

Every day cars all over the world are disposed of at metal scrap yards because they have been involved in serious accidents or have suffered catastrophic mechanical failures. However, there are often usable parts still on most of the vehicles that can be recycled.

The good news is that you can opt to install used car parts when you need to replace something that has failed on your vehicle. Recycled car parts are less expensive than buying new parts, and they are always a better option for the earth than buying new parts made of raw materials.

Here are some of the best deals when it comes to using a recycled part over a new one from the manufacturer:

Body Trim Pieces

Even the simplest body trim pieces can be pricey if you need to replace them with new parts from the car dealership. Body trim pieces are one of the best buys at any auto scrap yard. They are light and there is typically a wide variety to choose from. 

Motors and Transmissions

Many vehicles in a scrap yard due to an accident have perfectly good motors and transmissions. Since these major components are so expensive to purchase new, a recycled option is often the best bet. Generally when you purchase a transmission or engine from a scrap yard they will give you a limited warranty. If the part fails while it is still under warranty, the scrap yard will replace it with another one from their inventory.

Recycled Tires and Rims

Murphy's Law often dictates that you buy new tires for your car right before it dies on the side of the road or is in a major accident. Since tires are an expensive purchase and the scrap yard will not pay you for them, many people will remove the tires and rims for resale. 

You can get a great deal on used tires, but you need to ensure that they are not cracked or too worn. Also, if your vehicle is a four-wheel drive, then you need to install four tires with matching tread and wear patterns, or else they can damage the differential on your vehicle.

A Warning About Used Electronic Components

Finally, you should be careful when installing recycled auto parts that contain electronic parts. It is generally advised that you purchase electronic components new because they are some of the most easily damaged parts.

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diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

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