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Choosing The Right Aftermarket Exhaust System

One of the most popular aftermarket systems to add to a car is the exhaust system. The stock exhaust system that comes with your car will simply not provide your vehicle with the same level of power. When choosing an aftermarket exhaust system, you will need to choose between performance and cost.

The Diameter

Aftermarket exhaust systems tend to have a wider diameter than stock exhaust systems. Wider diameter exhaust pipes are larger, so they use more materials to engineer. However, they make your system more efficient by providing greater horsepower and torque.

The Weight

Stock exhaust systems can be heavier than the better-engineered aftermarket parts options, despite being smaller. This is because they are simply made out of better materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum.

The Components

You will want to purchase a performance muffler as part of an overall cat-back upgrade. This will include a new catalytic converter, a middle pipe, a resonator and a muffler. The tailpipe is simply what most motorists think of when they envision a modified exhaust system since this is the most visible part.

Types of Exhaust Systems

The three main types of exhaust systems to choose from include the:

  • Axle-back

  • Cat-back

  • Header back

If you are concerned with how your car sounds when driving and what the exhaust looks like, any of these new aftermarket options will achieve that goal. If you are more concerned with fuel efficiency and performance, the header back is the best option. The cat-back will provide a moderate improvement in fuel-efficiency, while the axle-back provides the least improvement. Still, axle-backs tend to be more affordable.

The Type of Metal

The two types of metal to choose from are stainless steel and aluminum. Aluminum is an inferior product because it is not as durable. However, the aluminum is less expensive. The two stainless steel options are 409-L and 304. 304 is the best because it has a high concentration of nickel and chromium, which makes it more durable. However, it is also more expensive than the other two.

Your Car Engine

The best way to purchase an exhaust system is to consult with a sales representative who can determine the best exhaust option based on the type of vehicle you are driving. While there are certain options that tend to be better overall, such as stainless steel, the right dimensions can be influenced by the type of car you drive.

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