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Air Filters Compared

An air filter is not just a one-size-fits-all part. For cars, air filters play a vital role. They keep the engine cool and let you showcase your personality. Here are common types of air filters and their characteristics:


A bolt-on air filter doesn't use computerized parts like ECU or AFM. Rather, it relies on a carburetor to do the job manually (and less efficiently) to set the correct fuel to air ratio. It is recognizable due to the "fry pan" style top. As its name suggests, it is bolted on directly to the carburetor and sticks above the rest of the engine parts. This is the style that has been popularized in movies and classic car culture around the world.


Cars that have fuel injection will have an airbox. Inside of that is an air filter that typically contains pleated paper and requires changing each time you have the car serviced. A panel filter replaces this paper filter and lets more air go through. It's also reusable and washable. 


A cone air filter is variable in shape and size. Typically, they will replace the factory issued airbox entirely. The design encourages increased airflows due to the greater surface area covered. The name stems from its original version, which was a metal cone folded to shape the air around it.

Ram Airbox

These can be pricey. They will usually have an airbox with a filter that is mounted onto the engine, often near the front grill. It juts out and collects more air to send to the engine quicker. These are worth the price, though, because of the increased cold airflow that keeps the engine running nice and smooth.


Full induction systems include a cone, heat shielding system, and piping that replaces your original filter. It allows more direct airflow to the engine in an efficient manner. Typically, with stock filters, you would encounter more lumping, which slows down the air and lets it heat up at the same time. Induction systems can be pricey, but surely a wise investment for the right car.

When it comes to air filters, they are not all the same. While some may appear similar to others, there are big differences in the design, appearance, and airflow that they bring to the table. Weigh the factors that are most important to you and enjoy an air filter that's perfect for your vehicle. Visit a business like Williams Oil Filter Service Co. for more information.

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