diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

Selecting The Right Garage Door For Your House

If you need to purchase a brand new garage door, you have many options available to you, especially since you do not need to replace the old door with the exact same type that you had. With all the different options, which include everything from vinyl to metal, you might not know which one will work best. Before making a decision, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each material type.

Wood Doors

The main advantage of wood is that it adds charm and warmth to your home, no matter what style your home is. Wood can be versatile as well, meaning you can leave the door as its natural wood color and have the surface sealed, stain the garage door to a different hue of wood, or paint the surface any color that you desire.

The downside of having a wood door is that it does need re-sealing, re-staining, or re-painting from time to time. The wood can also warp, be affected by mildew, and is prone to insect infestation.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl will have a look that is very clean and crisp, all while requiring little maintenance. You won't have to re-paint the door, and the material will not corrode like a metal door can. The biggest disadvantage is that it has a look that is similar to plastic, and it's possible for the material to develop a yellowish tint over the years.

Steel Doors

A steel door will be durable, sturdy, and not require much maintenance when compared to competing materials. It's possible that you'll never need to replace a steel door, since many have lifetime warranties. This includes things such as the hardware, paint, steel, and insulation.

Keep in mind that steel can scratch and dent easily, and you must stay on top of touching up scratches so that the door does not rust. If you have a basketball hoop mounted above your garage door, you may want to avoid a steel garage door.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum will be very affordable and lightweight, which means it can easily become dented. Thankfully, the material is different than steel since it cannot be easily scratched, rusted, or corroded. The lightweight material also puts much less stress on the motorized opener, which can help make the opener last much longer.

If you have decided on a kind of garage door for your home, contact a garage door contractor in your area to purchase it and have it installed.

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