diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

3 DIY Car Improvements To Reduce Fuel Consumption With New Auto Parts

The fuel consumption of your car may be something that is breaking the bank, and you may be consider many solutions, such as carpooling and improvements to your car. The improvements to your car can be simple and there are even some things that you may want to do yourself. Here are some DIY improvements that you may want to do to improve your car's fuel economy:

1. Updating Filters And Air Intake For Better Airflow

The filters of your car are something that can affect your fuel consumption. One simple thing that you can do is change your air filter more frequently. In addition to changing the filter, you may also want to consider updating the air intake system. You can install a new air intake with a washable filter that you can clean more regularly to ensure that your car has maximum airflow and better fuel consumption.

2. Installing An Aftermarket Chip For Fuel Economy And Better Performance

Today, most modern cars have fuel injection and a computer that controls the fuel mixture. This can directly affect consumption, which is why you may want to consider updating the computer chip of your car. There are aftermarket computer chips that can boost performance, but they also have the benefit of improving fuel consumption. Even if you do not want to have more power, updating the computer chip in your car can be a good way to save on fuel costs. You can even monitor your car's performance and fuel consumption, as well as download the information with some of these aftermarket computer chips.

3. Cut The Exhaust And Install An Aftermarket Exhaust System

The exhaust of your car can also have an impact on fuel consumption. This is because most stock exhaust systems have limited performance and restrict exhaust flow. There are bolt on kits that you can install yourself. These systems bolt on at the catalytic converter and improve the exhaust flow of your car. This can also be a good way to add the look of duel exhaust to your car with a cat-back system, which is where two pipes are installed from the catalytic converter.

Doing some of your own improvements can help you save in many ways, such as at the gas pump and on repair shop costs. Contact an auto parts dealer to get everything you need to start with these fuel improvements to your car.

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diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

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