diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

Replacing Your Older Car’s Damaged Armrest

If one of the armrests in your old car has the stuffing sticking out of it, then you will be happy to know that you can buy a replacement from a local salvage yard for a reasonable price. Automotive salvage yards are a great place to buy inexpensive replacement parts for older vehicles and can be a fun place to wander around as well. However, shopping at a salvage yard is a bit different than shopping for parts at a dealership or an auto parts store. Read More 

What To Expect When Purchasing Auto Parts From A Junkyard

One of the places where you can purchase used auto parts for your vehicle is the junkyard. Here are a few things you need to know about what to expect when you go to the junkyard for the first time to search for used auto parts for your vehicle. Two Primary Styles Of Junkyards To start with, it is important to note that there are two predominate junkyard set-ups (the you-pick style junkyard, and the full-service junkyard). Read More 

3 DIY Car Improvements To Reduce Fuel Consumption With New Auto Parts

The fuel consumption of your car may be something that is breaking the bank, and you may be consider many solutions, such as carpooling and improvements to your car. The improvements to your car can be simple and there are even some things that you may want to do yourself. Here are some DIY improvements that you may want to do to improve your car's fuel economy: 1. Updating Filters And Air Intake For Better Airflow Read More 

Selecting The Right Garage Door For Your House

If you need to purchase a brand new garage door, you have many options available to you, especially since you do not need to replace the old door with the exact same type that you had. With all the different options, which include everything from vinyl to metal, you might not know which one will work best. Before making a decision, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each material type. Read More 

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diagnosing problems with alternators, batteries and starters

Alternators, batteries and starters are in every vehicle and can cause a lot of problems when they don't work right. Your car may not start or it may stop running while you are driving down the road if the alternator is bad. Unfortunately, figuring out which element is causing the problem is not always easy. This blog will teach you all about alternators, batteries and starters so you can learn how to test these elements and diagnose the problems that your vehicle is having before you find yourself stranded along the road in the middle of the night with nobody around to help.